International Driving License

International Drivers License - These are sold on the Internet. Legitimate ones are issued by the recognized auto club in your country and are ONLY valid with the normal government issued drivers license. The legitimate International Drivers License is little more than a translation document in numerous languages enabling authorities to see that you do hold a valid drivers license from your country. It is never a permission to drive by itself. It is never an identity document by itself since it was not issued by any government agency and if it is a real international drivers license you would have had to show a real drivers license to get one, so where is your real drivers license. Occasionally someone asks us if we would accept this as a form of identification and the answer is of course not.

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Going abroad? Doing some traveling? Are you planning to drive? Then you’ll want to know how to apply for an international driving license.

Many countries will not recognize your home country license. So for example if you are a U.S. citizen with a valid driver’s license for your state and your travel abroad your U.S. license will not be recognized. You will need to obtain an international driving permit or IDP. International driver’s licenses are recognized in over 150 countries.

An international driving license is a special driver’s license that allows you to drive an auto in another country without having to take any other tests or local applications. The requirement is that you must hold a valid driver’s license in your home country. Chances are if you are planning to drive in another country you will require an international driver’s license.

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Your international driver’s license will be translated into the foreign language of the country you will be visiting. It is not valid in your home country and is not meant to replace your existing license. In fact it can only be used in conjunction with your home country license.

Rules do very from country to country so be sure you have checked with the country you will be visiting for their exact requirements. However these general guidelines will give you a good idea of what is required and what is entailed in getting your international license.

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Your international driver’s license will be considered valid in any country that has signed the UN Convention on road traffic. Your AAA or other websites can provide you with specific lists. Or you can contact your embassy or consulate.

When traveling with your international driver’s license you should always carry it and your license from your country of origin with you at all times. Your license from your home country validates that you do infact hold a valid license. If you are renting a car abroad you will be required to produce both for the rental agency.

International driver’s licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. The cost depends on your home country. Each country sets their own rates. You can obtain the required application from your local motor vehicle branch, CAA or AAA offices and websites. In the U.S. you can also obtain your license at the American Automobile Touring Alliance and American Automobile Association offices.

Once you fill out your application you will have to have it validated at your local motor vehicle office. You must be at least 18 years of age to obtain an international license. In some countries the age restriction may be higher. You will be required to present your valid license from your home country, as well as 2 passport size photographs, and some may require your actual passport. You may also be asked to provide a utility bill or telephone bill in your name with your home address. Then you will need to sign a declaration of residency form. And of course you’ll have to pay the fee. Some countries may allow you to mail your application with the appropriate certified documents.

When driving abroad be aware of the local rules. Some countries have minimum and maximum driving ages. Some require road permits rather than tolls to drive on divided highways. If you do not have a permit you will face a fine. Always wear your seat belts. In some countries flashing your lights or honking your horn is standard procedure when going around a sharp corner. You should know who has the right of way for local traffic rules, as well as what the speed limits are. Make sure you are carrying adequate auto insurance including liability insurance.

If you are planning to travel abroad be sure to get your international drivers license before you go.

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